Evensong at St Faith's midi file archive

Music used from November 2022

Title of Piece ComposerVersions for each partYoutube?Score?
Magnificat - Song of Mary Richard Shepard Sop Alt Ten Bass 0.0 Score
Nunc Dimittis in D George Dyson Sop Alt Ten Bass 0.0 Score
This is the record of John Orlando Gibbons Sop Alt 1 At 2 Ten Bass 0.0 Score
Plainsong Responses
See Note 2
0.0 Score
Creator of the Starry Height
Plainsong version
Sop Alt Ten Bass Score
Hills of the North Rejoice Sop Alt Ten Bass Score
Psalm 9 Sop Alt Ten Bass Score
Magnificat in D
See Note 1
George Dyson Sop1 Sop 2 Alt 1 Alt 2 Ten 1 Ten 2 Bass ! Bass 2 0.0 Score
  1. Dysn Magnificat is not used at this time. Saved here for future reference.
  2. Youtube version of Responses differs slightly from the score at the Lord's Prayer, and the final Collects