Remembering Paula - Page 1

This is a orivate part of the website "" regarding Paola McInnes (known as Paula)who died on January 26h 2021 towards the end of her 93rd year of life.
Paula was the wife of Robin, the owner of this website.

If you are not a friend of Paula or a member of the Randle and McInnes families, this will be of no interest to you, so please respect our privacy and choose another website.

Some videos and other information
  1. Funeral videos and documents

    Click here for page 2 to see videos of the funeral or read a transcript of the speeches and songs.

  2. For Paula (5 mins)

    A tribute video, to the music of Mari Olsen
    'Now you belong to Heaven' (exit music from the service}.

  3. Paula and her family (44 Mins}

    A video of some of the family elements of Paula's life, which was also viewed by some at the family gathering on 3rd July 2021.

  4. Family gathering -the last party (8 Mins}

    Some pictures from a gatherinng of family and friends on 3rd July 2021 to finally remember Paula and celebrate her life. This was delayed from February because of Covid-19 limitations on numbers at the funeral. Fortyfive guests including five great-grandchildren had penty of food and drink and talked about Paula.

  5. Paula's Recipes

    Five recipes which were especially well appreciated in the family, includiing her legendary Tiramisu.

  6. Menorial Stone

    Proposed view of the memorial stone to be erected in Warbington Cemetery.